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Profit Centre

We are a 360 degrees support system to SME’s in areas of management, operations, HR, finance, marketing and new business, products development etc. in 14 focus areas.

Most SME’s do not perform at their optimum capacity in most of their internal parameters and are stunted instead of growth and is prone to sickness in global competitive environment.

  • SCALIST guarantees to achieve profitability / growth and smooth functioning of the SME.
  • SCALIST is a profit centre for SME’s— NO tangible financial advantage then NO PAY whatsoever for the efforts.
  • ZERO investment is a bold initiative based on the expertise and experience of a professional team, a combined experience of more than 100 years will be at the disposal of SME..
  • Short 3 months intervention the SME will be provided with the tools, technique, and know how to actualize the recommendation of SCALIST based on a diagnostic study.
  • It is a winning proposition to SME and the key stake holder-the lending banks. In the event that SME achieving a higher profits SCALIST is paid an agreed % of the improved profit accrued by its efforts.