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About Us


With expertise in leadership development, sales, and strategy, SCALIST partners with organisations to accelerate and scale up. Research based practical tools & techniques, hands-on experience, and proven developmental models are our aids that influence your growth.

 The organisation is its people! Our mission is to scale up people capabilities in an engaging and compelling manner.

We fuel self-growth. We nurture people to learn, unlearn, relearn, and apply new skills at work place immediately and continually making our solutions unique and sustainable.

We bring tangible changes in behaviours complimenting individual potential, and positively impacting the bottom line.

Experts in the Scene

Omprakash SP
Professional Coach, Lead Facilitator, Chief OD consultant.
  • Om has held senior leadership positions with large corporates collaborating with demanding stakeholders, leading large teams and executing people development strategies across business verticals that impact bottom line.
  • A people management expert who has groomed significant number of managers and leaders across cultures in APAC, US and UK.
  • With certified credentials to conduct 360 degree assessments, advanced neuro-lingustic programs (NLP), psychometric tools like MBTI, PDF, TETRA MAP & TDF.
  • Over 8000 hours of training delivery in the space of leadership and management development, leaders as coaches, executive presence and sales
  • A strategic influencer who works with people to discover their core and help them achieve their professional goals with clarity and purpose.

A passionate professional with 23 years’ experience in MNC banking and financial services, operations and sales.

MV Gopinath
Motivational Speaker , Chief Trainer, Lead Consultant

  • Trained 16000 professional from 350 organization on -Personal and professional effectiveness.
  • Consultant for enhancing organizational deliverables and project management.
  • He has authored a book titled “YOU Vs YOU” that guide people to a better way of living.
  • Attended an exclusive management course for senior executives at Harvard business school, USA.
  • Was the chairman of the southern chapter of National quality Association.
  • Been associated with many professional bodies involved in personal and professional development.
  • Presented many papers on management and human development topics at various national/international forums.
  • Travelled, widely and frequently, to US, Europe, Japan, China, Korea , Taiwan, Nepal, Srilanka on business and education assignments.

For career dossier visit www.mvgopinath.com

An accomplished professional having more than 47+ years of educational, industrial and business experience.

Mitchell Dudani
Chief Catalyst
  • A influencer with over a decade’s experience in recruitment, training & social media
  • Worked with Merrin & Associates, ABC Consultants, and Coffee Day Group
  • Expert in executive search, mid to senior level hiring
  • As a social media trainer & consultant, she assists individuals, SME’s, and startups to effectively use social media for personal branding and business growth.

Mitchell is an executive committee member for NHRD Bangalore chapter and an active corporate socially responsible champion.